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About BC Home Inspections


BC Home Inspections was started after working in the construction industry for many years and seeing the defects that are found in a home. We decided to become licensed inspectors to help protect the public or to give them the information to better guide there decision on a home purchase. We are a small company located in central Illinois serving a wide area. Striving to excellent customer service and care. Our inspectors are all professional and Licensed by the state of Illinois.  Our goal is to give you  better knowledge on your home purchase. We hope you will be satisfied and more informed on you home purchase.

    We would like the client to understand that no homes are perfect. There will always be defects in the home. Some defects are small and up to the buyer to decide on repairing or not. We will report on all defects no matter how small they may be. This is our job and what we are being hired for. The major defects in a property are the ones the client needs to be informed about before a major purchase. We go into a home and hope not to find them but sometimes they are there. That is why the State of Illinois requires all home inspectors to have training and schooling before taking the state license exam to become a Inspector. They also require continuing education hours to maintain a license. This is to help us stay on top of changing times and requirements.

Some of our services Include:

New Home Purchase
New Construction or Remodel
Residential or Commercial Property
Expert Witness Testimony (Litigation)

If you are not needing a full inspection we can take care of that. We offer limited inspections on certain  areas.
Ect. Ect.    Lets us know what you need.


BC Home Inspections
812 north county road 2050
Greenup, Il 62428
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